4 days at the Cottage Life Show 2018

It was a beautiful weekend for the Spring Cottage Life Show.  Tens of thousands of people attended.  Thousands of people dropped by the booth to learn about home automation and how we can help keep track of their home or cottage.

Our show special will continue for a little while, especially if you picked up our card with the special on it.  Our goal is to help mitigate damage to your home or cottage while you are away.  Prevention is key, and we know just what you need.

Here’s a few more photos from the show, if you missed them on Facebook and Instagram:



Want to know where to find us next?

We’ll be at the 40th Peterborough Home, Country and Cottage Show April 6th, 7th and 8th, at the Evinrude Centre.

Protecting Your Property

Your home is one of your biggest assets. Why not spend a little to protect it from certain disasters that are easily preventable. There are several SMART monitoring devices that can aid you in preventing huge disasters, and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Water Sensor: This little sensor can be placed inside the sump pit or along the floor to detect water rising in the pit or water on a basement floor. An alert will be sent to your phone, tablet or computer via SMS or email. You will know instantly of any problems, and be able to address them immediately which will reduce your costs of fixing the issue.

Propane Sensor: Here is a great sensor! If your house or cottage or business is heated by propane, you never have to worry about running out of propane again. We all know that running out of heat in the middle of winter can cause our pipes to burst and create a huge mess to clean up, along with a massive renovation bill. Give yourself peace of mind with a monitoring device that will tell you exactly how much propane is left in your tanks, in real-time.

Thermostat: A SMART thermostat is a fantastic way to keep track of the heating and cooling of a building. Not only can you set it and forget it, but it can send you updates and comparisons of how much fuel you are using and how long the furnace or air conditioner is working to reach the desired temperature. It will also alert you to extreme temperature drops in the building, indicating a potential problem with the furnace.

These are three of our top products available for protecting your asset. The minimal cost is certainly worth any potential disaster that could arise from not monitoring your property. Add to the fact that you can check these devices on your phone, means you can be anywhere in the world and be protecting your home.

What is a smart home?


I get asked all the time, “what is a smart home? Why should i automate my home? And what is the cost?”

Simply put, a smart home is about connectivity. Several devices throughout the house are connected and controlled from a central device, ie.a smartphone, tablet or computer. Climate control(thermostats) lights, locks, and different types of cameras, monitors and sensors can all be added to a home automation system and controlled from anywhere in the house or, even better, from afar.
Why should I automate my home?

Mainly for convenience, but also for saving money and having piece of mind. It’s convenient to not carry keys to get into the house, and you can allow workers into your home with you not being there, by providing them a code, or you unlocking the door from anywhere in the world, for example.

It’s money saving by being able to turn the lights off that the kids left on, even when you are away from home, just by using the app on your phone. Having the ability to adjust the thermostat, and perhaps locking the kids out of adjusting it, could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Using cameras, and sensors can give you piece of mind by being able to monitor what is happening in and around your home, when you are away, and allow you to react more quickly by being alerted to a problem early. Not only can cameras be used to detect a potential security issue, but they can show you who is at your front door, and allow you to speak to this person, from within the house, the backyard or elsewhere. Sensors can be used to detect a leak or a flood and be attended to quickly before there is too much damage, or they can be used to prevent frozen pipes, which could be devastating if the homeowner is unaware.
What is the cost?

That’s difficult to answer. Each home is unique, each homeowner has different needs or wants and problems they want solved. Some devices can be DIY if you are handy. However, most people don’t have any idea where to start, are intimidated by new technology, and require expert advice on the products available, and their placement, along with being taught how to use the app to get the most out of their system. At this point, it is important to hire a reputable company, who will listen to your issues, and solve your problems quickly and efficiently.
Stay smart!

Record Rainfall and Flooding

With all the rain in the last month, approximately 138mm, there was a lot of flooding with lakes and rivers over flowing.  Our sump pumps around the lakes were working extra hard to keep our basements dry.

Our own sump pump had tipped over from the constant vibration of running so often.  Luckily we had installed the water sensor in the winter. We were on our way out of town, about 30 minutes from the house, when we received an alert on our smartphone telling us our sump pump alarm had been triggered.  We were fortunate enough that the pump had just tipped over, and was an easy fix.  No flooding occurred.

However, since we were on our way out for the weekend, if we had not had this sensor, we would have come home to a massive basement flood, that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars!

The best part…the water starter package is only $259.99 installed, or the water sensor is only $59.99 if you already have the hub.  A huge savings compared to what could have happened.  This little device certainly can provide peace of mind.