Geo-fencing: What, Why and How

The What

Geofencing is the use of GPS (Global Positioning Systems), Wi-Fi nodes and Bluetooth beacons to create virtual boundaries around a location. With our increase use of smartphones, we all have a built-in GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth in our pockets.  As a result, geofencing is surfacing more and more in smart home control packages.

The Why

Why is geofencing so fascinating and catching on like wildfire in the smart home/home automation field?  Simply said, it makes our lives easier. The convenience of locking your doors, setting your security system, turning the lights off, adjusting your thermostat and closing your garage door just by leaving your driveway.  It’s that simple.  No more lights left on or thermostat set high all day while you are away, because you forgot to turn them off in your rush to leave the house.

It can also be used for returning to your home.  Once it has been detected that you have left work, your thermostat will engage to it’s setting.  As you round the corner towards home, your front lights turn on and your garage door opens.  Walking up to your front door, it unlocks, the security alarm is unarmed and the inside lights turn on.

The How

How does this translate to you, the business or home owner?  iHomeCtrl utilizes geofencing as part of their service package to enable the above examples. We will come to you, program various configurations dependant on your lifestyle, install the required products, which in the end will simplify your life, save energy and save you money.  That’s the iHomeCtrl advantage: Simplifying Smart Technology.