How a smart home can solve everyday problems…


A smart home can help ease your worries and provide you peace of mind. When life gets too busy to remember the mundane things like locking the front door, turning the lights off or adjusting the temperature, a smart home is there to help.

You’re rushing around in the morning, trying to get the kids organized and fed. You run out the door with just moments to spare. Driving to work the thought hits you – “did I lock the front door?” Don’t let these nagging thoughts ruin you day. Simply use a smart lock that allows you to lock your door remotely with a swipe on your smartphone.

In the morning’s mad rush, you may also be thinking of all the lights that were left on. With the smart switches placed in key high traffic areas, such as the kitchen or bathrooms, you can check to see if the lights are on, and then easily turn them off, saving on your electricity bill.

If you’re headed on vacation, or away for the weekend, you can keep track of what is happening at home with a self-monitored security system. Install a security camera that can be monitored from your mobile phone, window and door sensors, as well as motion sensors, all providing alerts directly to your smart device.

Also while you’re away, you’ll want to lower the temperature of your home, however you can also keep an eye on the temperature to make sure nothing happens to the furnace with the smart thermostat, preventing frozen pipes upon your return.

And how about those pipes? Wouldn’t it be great to catch a broken pipe or flood before too much damage occurs? Water sensors are a great addition in a home to provide peace of mind, especially when the sensor can turn off the main water intake.

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