Helping Landlords Manage their Properties

Landlords have unique needs when it comes to managing their rental properties, both residential and commercial.  Certain problems exist, such as changing locks between tenants, lost keys, building security, heating and air conditioning issues and maintenance of the property.  Helping landlords manage their properties with smart home devices can take the headache out of many of these problems, offering solutions that can save them time, money and energy.

Automatic door locks that can be programmed and reprogrammed as tenants change.  No more lost keys, no more expense of a locksmith coming to change the locks.  Saving at least $100/tenant turnaround.

Building security cameras, inside or out, monitored by you, which translates into NO MONTHLY fee.  A savings of more than $500/year.

Heating and Air Conditioning can be monitored and adjusted as required.  Alerts can be sent if the furnace breaks down, the temperature drops significantly or if things are not working they way they should.  This help prevent frozen pipes and allow you to get the service required quickly, instead of having a larger problem on your hands.

Interconnected hardwired smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors can alert you if there is smoke in the building, a great feature especially if business is closed for the weekend, or it is the middle of the night.  We can even program all the lights to turn on when the smoke detector sounds, potentially eliminating loss of life.