Integrated Smoke / CO detectors

Recently I was working with a customer and they wanted hardwired smoke detectors connected to the automation system.   You may ask why would they want this?  The answer was actually quite interesting and made me think about how I could make this happen.

  • The first thing that came from the conversation was they want and/or need to know when the alarms trigger even if they are not home.
  • The second item was to utilize the triggering of the smoke alarm to turn on lights and other sirens to better notify.  This may even help with getting out of the building.

As I thought about this I concluded this is something more people could use and it really could help people who have cottages and/or rental properties.  When you have a cottage that is used all year long you need to heat it to some level and it would be important to notify if an issue with the cottage occurred.  With a rental property you want to know if something has happened and that you can react to it quickly.

The solution was to utilize the same trigger the interconnected smoke detectors use.  Once this was connected into the system we could setup the controller to email / SMS when it triggered.  The same trigger allowed for us to turn on other automated devices like lights.