Home Automation

As a home owner who travels and likes to spend time at my cottage I have learned the value of automation.  A few key areas that automation makes my life easier are listed below.

  • I love having a pool but the cost of running a pool can be costly.  I automated my pool so that I could control the temperature remotely.  This helped with letting me turn the temperature up as I was coming home and knew I was going to use it but it also allowed me to turn it off at night without having to remember I turned it on.  I have a two speed pump on the pool and if I remember to turn it down at night I would save money.  With the automation I removed my memory from the equation and automated the times for the different speed settings.  I don’t own a spa but the automation is able to handle pool and spa settings.
  • With being away it’s always hard to get repairs or other items fixed but with my trusted contractors I feel I can let them in.  So with a z-wave deadbolt I was able to create a code for them and let them in to complete the work while I was away.  This also works when the kids call and ask if they can borrow and pick something up from the house.  The notifications that come with the deadbolt allow me to tell who and when they entered the building.
  • As I drive home I like knowing that the lights outside will be on welcoming me.  I’ve even used the geo fencing to setup a location based trigger to turn them on based on my location to the house.