4 days at the Cottage Life Show 2018

It was a beautiful weekend for the Spring Cottage Life Show.  Tens of thousands of people attended.  Thousands of people dropped by the booth to learn about home automation and how we can help keep track of their home or cottage.

Our show special will continue for a little while, especially if you picked up our card with the special on it.  Our goal is to help mitigate damage to your home or cottage while you are away.  Prevention is key, and we know just what you need.

Here’s a few more photos from the show, if you missed them on Facebook and Instagram:



Want to know where to find us next?

We’ll be at the 40th Peterborough Home, Country and Cottage Show April 6th, 7th and 8th, at the Evinrude Centre.

Frozen Pipes? We can help!

Let iHomeCtrl help prevent frozen pipes this winter at your home or cottage with our ZWave Mulitsensor.  By installing this sensor, we can help you monitor your crawl space pipes, and keep the area warmed.  Since crawlspaces are not usually insulated as well as your house or cottage, the sensor is installed directly in the crawlspace, along with a smart plug, that is controlled by the Vera Automation Controller. A heater fan is plugged into the smart plug, which we then program the system to automatically turn the heater on, warm up the space, and turn off when the desired temperature is reached.  You don’t need to do anything, and you don’t need to be near the devises at all.  Alerts and notifications are sent automatically to your phone, computer or tablet.  You can monitor the situation remotely to ensure all is well in your home.  No more frozen pipes!

Now that’s a SMART Home!


iHomeCtrol helps with cottage owners and people who rent their cottage

As a cottage owner myself I have spent time looking at ways to reduce the worry when it comes to owning or renting out your cottage.   Using home automation allows us to control key items like door locks.  We have the ability to setup and manage access to your cottage from anywhere in the world that has internet or you have data for your smart phone.  This method allows you to create one time, short lived or permanent access codes to get into the cottage.  With that you can also trigger alerts on when people use those codes to enter the property.  In addition to door locks you have light switches, plugs, thermostats, motion, water and many more device all working from one application and all with the ability to be automated and alerted on.