Business Automation

Client Testimonial:

Our recent client is a landlord of several duplexes.  He was interested in trying to reduce his costs, especially with his cost of heat.  When we first met this client, his yearly heating cost was over $1300.  Since the tenants had control over the heat in the duplex, they would turn the heat up to unreasonable temperatures in the winter.  The landlord asked how we could help.  We installed a smart thermostat, which allowed the landlord to select different scenes to set the heat in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer.  Once the thermostat was programmed, the tenants were unable to change the temperature, as it would reset to the default temperature if they tried.  The landlord was also able to be alerted if the duplex became too cold, signifying a potential problem with the furnace.  By using the smart thermostat, our client was able to save over $300 in the first year of use.