Frozen Pipes? We can help!

Let iHomeCtrl help prevent frozen pipes this winter at your home or cottage with our ZWave Mulitsensor.  By installing this sensor, we can help you monitor your crawl space pipes, and keep the area warmed.  Since crawlspaces are not usually insulated as well as your house or cottage, the sensor is installed directly in the crawlspace, along with a smart plug, that is controlled by the Vera Automation Controller. A heater fan is plugged into the smart plug, which we then program the system to automatically turn the heater on, warm up the space, and turn off when the desired temperature is reached.  You don’t need to do anything, and you don’t need to be near the devises at all.  Alerts and notifications are sent automatically to your phone, computer or tablet.  You can monitor the situation remotely to ensure all is well in your home.  No more frozen pipes!

Now that’s a SMART Home!


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